Franschhoek Weather Report

Spring 2023

A 5 Day Weather Report For The Franschhoek Village

Welcome to our New Five-Day Weather Report for the Franschhoek Valley!

Over the years nearly 2 Million Visitors to the valley have visited our Franschhoek Weather Report!

A note about the weather!

There are usually vast differences between weather services in their forecasts as they use different models. The two main models are the US model and the European model. Mostly the difference is in the amount of rainfall in the forecast period.

The US model forecasts less rain and the European model more rain. uses the European model and most of the time forecasts more rain than actually falls on the day. and Weather Underground forecast less than the amount that falls on the day.

Therefore, most of our reports use this formula – up to this amount is possible – the amount being the high end of reports or – between this and that amount – giving the low end of the US model and the High end of the European. Do note that sometimes these differences can be quite drastic!!!

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Monday 4 December

Scattered clouds drift over the valley through the morning hours and then clear skies and bright sunshine through the rest of the day. Mild temperatures are expected in the afternoon. Scattered high clouds arrive in the evening and become widespread overnight.

Temperatures & Winds

Morning 10:00 : 21°C  |  SW : 9Km/h
Afternoon 15:00 : 24°C  |  SSW : 18Km/h
Evening 20:00 : 16°C  |  SE : 15Km/h
Dawn 06:00 : 14°C  |  E : 10Km/h

Tuesday  5 December

A partly cloudy day with widespread high clouds, scattered mid-level clouds and a few low clouds at times. Temperatures will be mild again in the afternoon. Low clouds will dominate the evening skies, blowing off the southern mountains on strong and gusting winds. Skies become mostly clear overnight.

Temperatures & Winds

Morning 10:00 : 22°C  |  SE : 18Km/h
Afternoon 15:00 : 25°C  |  SE : 25Km/h
Evening 20:00 : 18°C  |  SE : 31Km/h
Dawn 06:00 : 14°C  |  SE : 20Km/h

Wednesday 6 December

Clear skies and strong, brilliant sunshine throughout the day. It will become quite hot in the afternoon. Skies remain clear on a rather warm evening and overnight.

Temperatures & Winds

Morning 10:00 : 24°C  |  E : 17Km/h
Afternoon 15:00 : 33°C  |  E : 28Km/h
Evening 20:00 : 22°C  |  SSE : 24Km/h
Dawn 06:00 : 18°C  |  E : 19Km/h

Thursday 7 December

Another hot day of clear skies and strong sunshine, do take care out in the sunshine. It will become hot from mid-morning and through to the early evening hours. Skies remain clear in the evening and overnight.

Temperatures & Winds

Morning 10:00 : 30°C  |  NW : 3Km/h
Afternoon 15:00 : 33°C  | NW : 13Km/h
Evening 20:00 : 23°C  | SSE : 5Km/h
Dawn 06:00 : 14°C  |  SE : 7Km/h

Friday 8 December

Mostly sunny in the morning and then becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon with thick clouds blowing off the southern mountains. There is a 30% chance of light rain falling in the late afternoon or evening. Chances of rain increase somewhat overnight. A few millimetres is possible.

Temperatures & Winds

Morning 10:00 : 23°C  |  SE : 16Km/h
Afternoon 15:00 : 25°C  |  SE : 23Km/h
Evening 20:00 : 18°C  |  SE : 26Km/h
Dawn 06:00 : 15°C  |  SE : 21Km/h

Cloudy on Saturday and then sunny and mild on Sunday.

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Franschhoek Climate

Franschhoek has a Mediterranean climate which is generally characterised by dry, hot summers and cold, wet winters.

In the summer the prevailing wind blows in from the south east. This cool wind, known as the Cape Doctor, brings much needed relief from the high temperatures of mid summer, however when it blows, it blows hard at gale force speeds. It is when this wind dies down and is replaced by a north east wind, that the weather starts to get very, very hot with temperatures exceeding 40°C on occasions, then one begins to long for the Cape Doctor’s return despite it’s blustery strength.

Autumn in Franschhoek is the most pleasant and beautiful season. With the south easterly wind fading away, it is a time of gentle winds from the north and south west. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold, in fact it’s just perfect. What’s more the valley comes alive with rich colours. Russet hues of red as the leaves of vines and trees wither and fall amidst emerging greens as the first rains bring new life to the dried up fynbos and grasses. The sultry and calm evenings make for a delightful dining experience on the patios of the many restaurants in the village.

Franschhoek winters are characterised by a procession of cold fronts marching across the valley, accompanied by heavy winds from the north west and torrential downpours, followed by scattered rain showers and icy winds from the south west bringing snowfalls at times on the mountains surrounding the valley. Interspersed between the grey and wet weather are glorious sunny and warm days with crisp clear blue skies and frosty mornings. The cold nights make for cosy evenings by the fireplace and duvets and blankets on the bed.

Spring in the Franschhoek valley brings an added lushness to the greenery of winter as the vines and trees begin to flower and sprout new leaves. In the early spring the cold fronts continue to come and can be particularly cold, as the cold south easterly wind begins to pick up as the fronts move off to the east. These fronts gradually weaken and fade as the sun moves into the southern hemisphere and the days become longer and warmer and drier. Soon it will be summer again, when once again we will long for the Cape Doctor to cool off those very hot days.


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